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Below is a sample of clients that we have programmed applications, websites, and even standalone machines.


Maza Formance
Custom Programming was hired by MAZDASPEED OF HOUSTON a division of Jeff Haas Mazda located in Houston, Texas. We coded their online shipping store, and managed the entire site design.


Largest online California Classified site. Site done using lamp programming (Linux, apache, mysql, php)


Number one E-retailer of vintage dresses. Site fully done in OsCommerce under php mysql


Heymann Consulting, Inc
Custom Programming was hired to design a remote terminal application that could remotely interace to a TAPI compliant computer system and perform the directed command via the Internet


APC Connection, LLC.

A privately funded company, APC is part of a 2 billion a year industry providing SCHOLASTIC and college preparatory services.

Cyber Edit, Inc

Cyberedit is one of the most successful Internet editing companies in the world. They deal with clients from high school to post graduate, and currently process thousands of orders daily.

Cyberedit used our system to develop a complex Internet management system that allows them to assign orders, pay employees and fulfill orders directly from their website. The development was done using PHP, MYSQL, and perl. Everything is easily controlled from a very easy to use web based interface.


AMEDCO is course management company. The handle the registration process for numerous workshops and seminars throughout the USA. Clients from doctors, to researchers use Amedco's services to make sure their seminar or workshop is paid for correctly but to ensure to insure that all courses are handled in a professional manner.

Our development expanded Amedco's paper system, to an Internet based enrollment system. Our development allows the company to add, edit for remove courses at anytime, receive payment securely and process the all the data within their current database system.


Pacific Coast Sport Fishing is a consumer magazine dedicated to the salt water fishing fan. They have a large audience in the USA and Internationally.

Custom Programming designed their site, built an Ecommerce Web Store, and Article Database, as well as other automated CMS (content Managements Systems)


Audition Tapes Inc,
The Audition Tapes is a Internet casting website company that casts famous actors like Tom Cruise, Brad Pit and new and upcoming actors. The development was done using PHP, MYSQL, and perl. Everything is easily controlled from a very easy to use web based

Club Bug
Club Bug is a web-based environment that lets users search for the trendiest clubs in town. Club owners can also list their club in the database. Additional fees allow Club owners to upgrade listing and list extra information about their club.

This website was developed using a powerful MYSQL database solution. While the development is very sophisticated, it is very easy for the site owners to update everything shown on the site through a backend web based control center.

This is a
dating website that combines the latest in PHP, and a MYSQL database system. Uses these tools we developed various match making, searching features as well as email abilities for users seeking a new relationship. The development allows the Administrative personnel to fully administer the website from their browser without any programming or internet experience.
Largest independent recording artist website, similair to myspace but specific to indie artists.
Site done using lamp programming (Linux, apache, mysql, php)


The Recruiter Network contains a large database containing thousands of Recruiters. Their principal business is to match job candidates to recruiters of their fields. Their website currently conducts a high volume of orders per day, and is 100% fully administratable for both the user, recruiters and Administrators via the Internet.

Levin And Company
Levin and Company, Inc., an executive search firm, needed a solution to allow potential employment candidates to search and apply for corporate jobs online. Using an NT platform, the Levin and Company staff can now update the available positions and search criteria in the database instantly.

The development also consists of a turnkey solution that enables all job submissions to be automatically imported into their off-line 4D database, along with an Intranet Message Board System that enables the staff to track their monthly agendas and staff meetings.


E-Will Online
E-Will Online allows users to create their will online.
Using the latest in Internet and database technology, users simply answer a series of questions, and then pay for their will securely online. A team of lawyers then assembles their will based on the supplied information.

This development was done using a MYSQL database system, with PHP as the interface and primary scripting language. SSL was also used for secure transactions.


Allred Marketing

Allred Marketing is a full-service, business-to-business marketing firm specializing in developing and implementing dynamic marketing communication programs, creative strategies, and promotional services. With clients such as Netscape Communications Corporation, Quest USA, Honeywell Commercial Avionics, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Fortune Magazine Allred entrusts Custom Programming to program solution for their clients.

Aztec Advertising
Aztec Advertising utilized our expertise to development different marketing tools used on their website. After consulting with our firm, they saw a greater increase in sales, and new business. Aztec Advertising has even outsourced Internet related projects for their existing clientele to us.

AutoDealerUPS providesa lead management system for the autoindustry.
Their company has helped move over $273 million in inventory on for the nation's special finance industry.

Our team consulted AutoDealerUPS from the very beginning the architecture, software solutions and successfully developed this project within a budget and short time frame


NSH is one of the most highly capitalized surgical hospital companies with access to the growth capital necessary to remain competitive by adding services and investing in the latest technology. Custom Programming was one of the only companies that was able to solve NSH's crucial problem.

Unetixs manufactures medical diagnostic peripheral vascular testing systems. They utilizes Custom Programming for developing high level software code for interfacing their diagnostic medical equipment.


Video Surveillance Software
Custom Programming completed a next generation surveillance consumer product Visec®. Visec is the easiest to use, and fastest surveillance software for Network Video Recorders with full support of IP cameras, and generic support for standard mjpeg streams.



The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. (IEEE)
World renowned, IEEE is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 350,000 individual members in 150 countries, that produces 30 percent of the world's published literature in electrical engineering, computers and control technology.

Salehi Research And Development.
President and CEO, Dr. Salehi utilized our services to successfully developed a series of analysis tools used for market trading, forecasting and analysis. Development has been done using advanced programming languages.


Wireless Positioning, Inc.
WirelessPositioning Inc. focuses in the Mobile Positioning systems and Locations Based applications, where specialized knowledge in the wireless infrastructure, together with competence in Mobile Positioning systems, is required.

We have also produced many more projects available on request


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