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Some past projects:

2008- Custom Programing awarded hosting project for the largest vintage dresses website via affiliate company Los Angeles Hosting

2008- Custom Programing awarded project ZZ Star for online advertising system using MYSQL, and development tools.

2008- Custom Programing awarded new confidential project from

2007- Custom Programing awarded a new project from Abex Display Systems, to port their 10,000+ product database into an online format to allow ecommerce and full web maintenance.

2007- Custom Programing awarded a new project from European company Internet Soft, as part of an Outsource Project. Custom Programming also awarded new Travel Entertainment Project from

2007- Custom Programing awarded a new project from Less4Best, a major Ebay power seller to developer a fully automated shipping application module to interface with billing/shipping system.. Custom Programming also wins bid for Heymann Consulting, Inc. for a new remote terminal application service.

2007- Custom Programing awarded a new project from Fisher Vista Corporation regarding their flagship ASP which Custom Programming also built.

2007- Custom Programming awarded new data mining project from Mastery Technologies, Inc. Custom Programming also awarded database project from leasing Alex White and Company.

2007- Custom Programming awarded database and ecommerce project for Pacific Coast Sport Fishing.

2006- Custom programming is awarded new ERP pharmaceutical website called will sell over 10 categories of medicine online with the support of licensed medical doctors and pharmacists.

2006-Custom Programming awarded next phase of Visec NVR surveillance software supporting •IP cameras •Analog Cameras •Capture cards •Web cameras •License Plate Recognition •Access Control

2005- Custom Programming awarded a development contract from CIWA, one of the largest Waste Hauling brokers in the US. Custom Programming will develop a real time accounting system operating from the company's local intranet. Custom Programming was chosen from a bid process than ran over 1year.

2004- Custom Programming along with AWC awarded a contract from On Location Inc. to development a complex online real time weather forecasting system that will perform historical and predictive analysis.

2003- Custom Programming awarded new renewal agreement from IBE Corporation to maintain their existing enterprise servers.

2003- Custom Programming awarded a development contract from Mastery Technology, one of the largest online multimedia training centers. Custom Programming also awarded a third development contract from Real Medical, an online pharmaceutical distributor.

2003- Custom Programming awarded a development contact by Abex Display Systems, one of the largest and most professional trade show and booth manufacturers in the USA..

2002- Custom Programming awarded a new contract by AutoDealerUps to develop a real time application for lead tracking, and ordering for the Automobile industry.

2002- Custom Programming wins the bid to program Homesinstyle, a San Diego startup company catering to the rich and famous.
Custom Programming also receives a new contract for

2002- Custom Programming receives new project CyberEdit Inc., and

2002- Custom Programming awarded updated contract by Salehi Research. Salehi Research has continued to select Custom Programming over our competitors to develop and maintain their powerful commercial software. Custom Programming also awarded new

2001- Custom Programming awarded contract from IBE Corporation
Custom Programming will develop a new secure payment authorization for the Los Angeles based IBE Corporation. This system is being designed to work with Fortune 1000 companies using the Internet.

2002- Custom Programming is selected to develop a project for utilizing an entirely open source platform of Linux RedHat, MYSQL, PHP4. Custom Programming will code the entire project from start to finish.

2002- Cyberedit Inc one of the most successful Internet Companies on the Internet awards Custom Programming a contract to maintain their systems.

2002- Custom Programming awarded sub contract on Mazda Partner website

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